Make Your Bath Time More Interesting With This Home Made DIY Body Wash

PUBLISHED ON October 5, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 88


While you are at home, most of the people may have felt like experimenting with kitchen ingredients to get done with their everyday work, be it skincare, hair care, cleaning, and or other such hacks. There is no dearth of products at home, they are such good that they can make your life easier, and not to mention, cost-effective, too. Here we have shared DIY body wash that can be good for the skin and 100% natural. So try making this home made DIY body wash to pamper your skin.

Homemade body wash using a bar of soap

If you are bored of the same old soap, and tired of using the bar, this interesting alternative is for you. You can melt your soap bar to make a body wash. Just take six to seven cups of distilled water, and two bars of soap. Boil the water and simultaneously microwave the bars of soap for about 30 seconds, until they melt. Take them out and then slowly add it to the boiling water, while stirring it continuously. Make sure both, liquid soap and water have mixed thoroughly. Now transfer it to a glass bottle and make sure it cools down. It will eventually thickens, let it stay for about 24 hours, before you take a look. Make sure the consistency is not too thick. If it is, you can add some more water to it.

Try making this easy and simple body wash. Ensure you finish it within the year.



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