Not Able To Sleep At Night? Try These Yoga Poses For A Good Sleep

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The stressful times we live in willingly or unwilingly forces us to compromise with our daily health. For many, the pandemic-induced anxiety has caused them to spend many sleepless nights. But, sleeping is very essential to maintain a good sleep and health health and there are no two ways about it. If you are struggling to fall asleep at night, here are a few yoga asanas that you can try.

Yoga poses for a good sleep

You can hold each pose for about 30 seconds to 1 minute or even longer. Repeat 3 sets of each and gradually increase it to 10-15 minutes.

Sukhasana: Happy Pose

Formation of the posture

– Sit in an upright position

– Stretch your both legs out in Dandasana

– Cross your legs one atop other

– Place your palms on the knees

– Sit erect with spine straight


This yoga pose can be performed on a full stomach. In fact, it should be done right after having a meal.

Formation of the posture

– Gently drop your knees

– Rest your pelvis on your heels

– Keep your heels close to each other

– Place your palms on your knees facing upward

– Straighten your back and look forward

Meditation: Sthiti Dhyan

– Find a natural environment to practise this technique

– Sit in comfortable posture such as Sukhasana

– Look ahead for 5 seconds, behind you for another 5 seconds, and on the right and left sides for 5 seconds each

– Close your eyes and relax


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