Nothing Can Beat The Goodness Of Lemongrass In Boosting Immunity

PUBLISHED ON July 16, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 133

Who doesn't wants to stay healthy and boost their immune. And we all know, boosting immunity is currently the need of the hour and people are looking out for thousands of ways to keep themselves strong and healthy. As people are always on the lookout for cleaner diets and naturally-available immunity boosters. Here we have shared one interesting food that you can involve in your diet and stay healthy.

What is it?

It is Lemongrass and is essentially a herb which is used to make oil and medicines. It is also used as a common ingredient in Thai cuisines. Lemongrass is also used in herbal teas.

How beneficial is lemongrass?

* Lemongrass is believed to make the digestion better. You can add it in your tea and it helps in relieving stomach cramps caused due to upset stomach.

* It has antioxidant properties which helps in fighting free radicals in the body.

* If you are looking to lose weight, then lemongrass can be your healthy and effective partner. It is to stimulate the body’s metabolic rate and acts as a natural diuretic. It helps in flushing out the toxins from the body in the form of urine.



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