Try This Home Baked Twisted And Tasty Mangoes With Protein Pancake

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Mangoes With Protein Pancake: The mango season calls for nothing less than enjoying the fresh fruits in many forms. Be it raw, as a custard, a cake or even phirni, the twists and combinations are as many as you can think of. So, if you are willing to try something more delicious, and healthy as well, that can be cooked under 20 minutes, give this power-packed pancake a try. Chef Saransh Goila who recently did a live cooking session with chef Kelvin Cheung introduced this mouth-watering treat that you wouldn’t get your eyes off.

Curious about it? Double Mango Protein Pancakes is what the two chefs made in 16 minutes. Take a look, and must cook.


For the Pancakes

½ cup – Rolled oats (powdered)

1 scoop (30g) – Mango protein powder

2 tbsp – Flaxseed (powdered with oats)

½ tsp – Baking powder

2 egg white + 1 egg yolk

½ cup – Almond or coconut milk

Few drops of vanilla

Pinch of salt

For the cheat cream cheese filling

½ cup – Cottage cheese

½ large banana

Few drops of vanilla drops


1 – Fresh mango, chopped, cubes

1 tbsp – Pumpkin seeds

1 tsp fennel + pepper powder

How You Can Make Mangoes With   Protein Pancakes

For your Pancakes

*Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat.

*Add powdered oats and flax seeds with protein powder, salt and baking powder in the bowl.

*In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites until frothy and fluffy (soft peaks).

*Mix milk, egg yolk and vanilla drops in another bowl, stir and add dry ingredients. Fold gently and add egg whites and then fold gently again.

*Let the batter settled for five minutes.

*Spoon the batter on the pan and make three pancakes.

*Cook ¾ minutes on both sides, or until it turns golden brown.

As for the cream cheese filling

*Add cottage cheese, banana, and vanilla in a small blender and blend until smooth.

*Now assemble the pancakes by spreading the cheese cream on the mango pancake and garnish it with pumpkin, mango and fennel powder on each layer. And stack it like a cake. And it's done


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