Signs To Check If You Need To Change Your Hair Brush

PUBLISHED ON August 3, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 119


Like all other things, your hair brush also gets redundant with time. And its only about the dust and goop that settle between the bristles, but also the nature of the brush which becomes rough with time. As your dentist suggests you to change your toothbrush after every few months to protect your dental health and hygiene, so the same is applied for your hair.

Most of the people have the habit of cleaning their hair brush from time to time so that they can use it for some more time. But they are unaware that their brush may look like new but the bristles comes out and becomes harsh and ineffective with time. Which further causes different kinds of scalp irritation and issues.

Here's how you can know that you need to change your brush.

Start by looking for both dirt and hair stuck between the bristles. The main purpose of using the hair brush is to keep your hair clean. When you continuously use old and dirty brush it effects your hair. It leads to hair breakage, split ends, itchy scalp and dandruff.

According to Dermatologist, the hair stuck in the bristles can damage the hair on the scalp by pulling out more clumps which causes hair thinning.


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