Skin Woes Are Troubling? Try This Vitamin C Serum For Good And Healthy Skin

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As we all know that vitamin C acts as an antioxidant which helps in preventing the effect of free radicals on skin which in turn helps in delaying the aging process. Vitamin C serum are considered very much helpful when it comes to the skincare regime. But, however the market bought serums are quite expensive and chemical loaded.

Here we have shared how you can make a cost-effective vitamin C serum right at home with products that are easily available.

Give a good read below to know how to make natural and chemical free vitamin C serum at home and its benefits.

Here’s how Vitamin C serum benefits the skin

*Delays aging process

*Removes patches

*Makes the skin glow

*Increases the production of collagen

*Reduces pigmentation

*Reduces inflammation

*Protects from sunburn

Ingredients to make

1 spoon – Vitamin C powder

8 spoons – Rose water

1 spoon – Glycerine

2 – Vitamin E capsules


*Take a jar or a glass bottle and add vitamin C powder, rose water and mix well. Now add glycerine and vitamin E oil. Mix well. Your Vitamin C serum is all ready to use.

You can store the serum in the refrigerator for about 15-20 days. Avoid it from the direct contact of sunlight.

How to apply?

*At night, clean your face and apply toner or rose water with cotton. Then take a few drops of the serum and apply on the face. Massage gently.



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