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May 23, 2020
4 Key Benefits Of Jumping Jacks For Overall Health

Benefits Of Jumping Jacks: Jumping jacks has many benefits, but if we talk about one of the key benefits of jumping jacks then that is they are the ultimate cardio exercise. They are the part of exercise stream which is known as jump training. Jumping jacks work on the entire body, and they are beneficial […]

April 22, 2020
How To Do Headstand And Benefits Of Doing Sirasana Daily

Benefits Of Doing Sirasana: Headstand, also referred to as Shirshasana, is that the yoga pose where you literally stand on the highest of your head. Headstand not only causes you to see the planet the wrong way up – it also has the capacity to immensely improve your physical and psychological state and well-being. thanks […]

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