This Easy DIY Pain Relief Balm Can Take Of Your All Body Aches; Know How To Make It

PUBLISHED ON August 18, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 224

The pandemic has taught a lesson by staying at home, it has been a lesson for using things that are already available at home instead of unnecessarily stepping out of the home. Most of us have turned towards natural remedies to take care of our many needs. The one major thing that has affected people while staying at home is body pain.

Many people are experiencing soreness and aches, in the absence of regular exercise. If you are also experiencing the same pain, here we have shared the easy DIY pain relief balm that you can make right at home for quick relief.

Things you need to make DIY pain relief balm:

* Natural beeswax
* Coconut oil
* Eucalyptus oil
* Peppermint oil
* Lavender oil
* A small container to store the balm

Method to make DIY pain relief balm:

* Take three teaspoons of beeswax and mix it with four teaspoons of coconut oil.
* Heat the mixture in the microwave to mix it well and melt all together.
* Add a little bit of all the essential oils to it, and after you have taken it out of the microwave, stir it well.
* Now transfer it to the container and close.
* Wait till it gets cool, and later store it in the fridge for long term.
*Apply the balm whenever you experience any kind of body ache.


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