This Easy Morning Skincare Routine Can Give You Flawless Skin

PUBLISHED ON July 25, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 160

To get the healthy glowing skin you need not to spend a lot on cosmetic products, you can achieve it by just figuring out what works best for you and then you need to practice that routine every day.

Here we have discussed a simple morning routine that you can do without hampering your daily schedules. To get a healthy skin you just need two things rose water and aloe vera. Rest you can get below:

Rosewater with aloe vera works perfectly as a toner which makes your skin smooth, soft, toned, healthy and glowing. It also prevents the breakout of acne and gives you relief from inflammation, redness, itchiness and rashes.

All you need to do is, take a little bit of rose water and aloe vera gel and mix it to make a toner. If you don't have aloe vera gel, you can also have it from fresh leaves by breaking it from plant and wash it, then squeeze out the fresh and clear gel from it.

Next, add a few fresh rose petals from the flower and wash them. Now put the gel and petals in a blender to make a frothy and a little liquid-like. Your homemade toner is already now put it in a jar and store it.

You can store it in a refrigerator for about five to seven days.

How to apply?
Clean your face with cold water and apply the toner in a cotton ball and apply the same all over your face and neck. Later apply the moisturiser.


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