This Sukhasana Yoga Will Help You To Relieve Stress And Calm Your Mind

PUBLISHED ON December 13, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 145

In our day-to-day running life, we often fall behind because of the monotony. And in such times, we can all turn to yoga to rescue us, which is considered an effective way to stay focused and grounded. If you think you have also been feeling the same and want to feel relaxed, here's a simple yoga asana - Sukhasana that will help you to relieve stress and calm your mind.

Talking about Sukhasana, it requires hip flexibility and back strength in order to hold the pose for longer periods of time. For those with tight hips and/or those used to sitting in chairs, easy pose may require extra practice and warm-up.

Here's how you can do Sukhasana. 

*First sit straight with the feet stretched in front. Then cross your legs such that the knees are wide and each foot is placed under the knee. Tuck your legs into the torso.

*Keep your spine straight.

*Keep both the palm on the lap.

Here are the benefits you should know about Sukhasana: 

*It improves posture

*Strengthens the back

*Improves concentration and focus

*Promotes relaxation.


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