Three Easy And Simple Stretches To Reduce The Stiffness In Upper Body

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With everything turning virtual amid the pandemic, the use of laptops and the time spent on screen has increased. And as a result, many of us are suffering from upper body pain, especially in the neck and shoulders. Here we have suggested few streches that you can do any time to reduce the stiffness in the upper body.

Benefits of the streches 

*Will help to open the chest

*Release stiffness in neck, shoulders and arms.

You can do these stretches thrice a day. Here’s how:

Stretch 1

*Stand on your feet slightly apart. Raise your arm straight up in the front with your palm facing the outside. Your arms should be parallel to the ground. Your fingers should be pointing upwards.

*With your left hand, pull the fingers on the extended arm backwards. Count till five.

Stretch 2

*Now bend the elbow of the extended arm so that the bicep is parallel to the body, and the forearm is parallel to the floor.

*Point the fingers downwards. This will help you stretch your wrist.

*Pull the fingers backwards with your left hand without lifting your shoulder.

Stretch 3

*Stand straight with the feet shoulder-width apart.

*Place your right hand on your right waist.

*With your left arm, pull the right elbow towards the midline of your body, without your body moving.

*Repeat on the other side.


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