Tips To Avoid The Cracked Heels And Dry Feet This Winter

PUBLISHED ON November 28, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 98

During summers our feet are spotlessly clean and well taken care of! But, as we step into the winter, we tend to neglect our feet, when they disappear into thick socks and shoes. And what we don't realise is that the cold dries out our feet, resulting in cracked heels if not nourished properly. To solve this woe, you can follow these easy tips and keep your feet soft, supple and moisturised through the winter months.

Tips for cracked heels 

- Soak your feet in warm water with salt, lemon for 10 minutes. After soaking your feets, gently scrub off your dry skin.

- Post scrubbing your feet, use a foot cream immediately to pamper the feet. If you have really dry skin, then look for specialised creams for feet, which are thicker than usual face creams.

- A massage is great not only for dry, cracked heels but it also removes all the fatigue from your feet, leaving your feet relaxed. A good massage with coconut oil, ghee, almond oil or sesame oil will get the circulation going in your feet and help trap in the moisture.

- If you still notice your heels are dry, then use a petroleum jelly, which can do wonder to your cracked heels. Gently massage it on clean feet and put on the socks. This will help you to lock in the moisture.


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