Try Making Easy And Delicious Nutella Oats Bars At Home With This Quick And Simple Recipe

PUBLISHED ON February 18, 2021 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 105

Most of us cannot control our craving for nutella and chocolate. And somehow it is also true that nothing could be better than a dessert made of nutella and chocolate combined into one. Here's a recipe which is a combo for both, checkout this nutella oats bars, that you can make easily at home.

Here's how you can make Nutella oats bars.

Ingredients you need to make Nutella oats bars.

75 g – Dark chocolate

125g – Butter

50g – Brown sugar

100g – Flour

75g – Oats

125g – Nutella

50g – Roasted chopped hazelnuts

Method to make nutella oats bars 

* Melt the nutella butter and chocolate in a microwave.

* Add brown sugar and whisk them well.

* Fold in flour and oats.

* Bake at 180 degrees for good 20-25 mins.

* Once cool, spread the Nutella on top and garnish with hazelnuts and serve.

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