Try Making Mozzarella Cheese At Home With These Super Ingredients; Check It Out How

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Just the name of cheese makes our mouths water. But would you really believe us, if we tell you that instead of buying mozzarella cheese from the store you can make it at home by just following this hassle-free recipe? And that too with just two super ingredients?

If you are still wondering how to make it, here is one such recipe on how you can nake the mozzarella cheese at home.

Ingredients you need to make mozzarella cheese

1.5 l – Full fat milk

¼ cup – Vinegar

Method to make mozzarella cheese

* In a pan, heat milk on medium-high flame and keep stirring it continuously also make sure to boil up to 32 degrees Celsius.

* Now add little bit of vinegar to it and keep stirring it till the milk curds and the whey separates.

* Now take out the curd with and squeeze out the extra water. Keep it aside.

* Now heat the whey once again at 75 degrees Celsius and dip the curd ball and soak for two minutes and then take it out and squeeze it. Repeat the process for about four to five times.

* Take out the cheese ball and dip it in ice-cold water. Soak it for two to three minutes. Wrap it tightly and refrigerate for an hour. Take it out after an hour and cut it into slices. Your homemade cheese is ready.


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