Try Making This Easy And Refreshing Cucumber Salad For Your Breakfast

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Summer are best to have refreshing foods that not only satiate your craving but also help you to stay hydrated throughout the day. While there are many juices that one can have to beat the summer heat, it becomes very important to consume nutritious foods as part of one's diet. And one of the best summer foods is cucumber, so indulge yourself in this easy and delicious cucumber salad for your healthy breakfast.

Here's how you can make cucumber salad for your breakfast and is a perfect summer delight.

Ingredients you need to make cucumber salad:

2 – Sliced cucumber

½ – Sliced green zucchini

½ – Sliced yellow zucchini

2 cups – Roughly chopped mixed lettuce

100g – Feta cheese

1 tsp – Freshly crushed black pepper

2 tbsp – Freshly chopped dill

10 – Cherry tomatoes, cut in halves


*In a mixing bowl, add feta cheese, black pepper, and dill. Whisk them until it turns smooth.

*Then add sliced cucumber, zucchini and mix them well.

*In a serving platter, place the lettuce and top it with the mixed salad.

*Garnish the salad with cherry tomatoes and crumble some feta cheese on top.

*Enjoy your breakfast.


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