Try Making This Easy And Veg Enchilada At Home With Leftover Chapatis; RECIPE Inside

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Enchilada is very famous Mexican dish. It is traditionally made of corn tortillas rolled or wrapped around a filling, covered in savoury sauce.

As exotic as the dish sounds, you can also try your hands on making a desi version of it at home with leftover chapatis as the base. All you are some simple ingredients to make the sauce and its filling.

Here's how you can make enchilada with leftover chapatis in no time.

Ingredients you need to make enchilada

5 – Leftover rotis

For Enchilada sauce

1½ cup – Marinara sauce

1- Medium-sized roasted red bell pepper

½ tsp – Cumin powder

½ tsp – Garlic powder

¼ tsp – Oregano

1 tsp – Kashmiri red chilli powder

½ tsp – Apple cider vinegar (any will work though)

¼ tsp – Freshly ground pepper

¼ tsp – Lime zest (for the zing)

1 tsp – Butter

1 tsp – All-purpose flour


For filling

Sauteed veggies like bell peppers, corn, onion and some herbs

Method to make enchilada

*Heat butter in a pan and add the flour. Cook for about one minute and then add marinara sauce base, keep stirring it to enhance the texture of the sauce.

*Add all the spices, roasted bell pepper puree, and seasoning to it.

*Add water and cover the pan and let it simmer for five to six minutes.

* Remove the lid and again cook it for few more minutes, your sauce is ready.

*Add some filling to each of the chapatis and roll them. Assemble them in a pan and coat them with the sauce on top.

*You can also add some cheese on top, and other veggies for garnish, and bake at 200 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes.


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