Try Making This Healthy And Detox Crispy Fried Spinach

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New year celebrations are over and as now its over, so is the time to detoxify your body. It does not mean that you have to go for boring foods; all you need to do is to look for healthy option for food that are no less tasty. And one such option is - Crispy fried spinach. Let us tell you that spinach has many health benefits.

Here we have shared a hassle-free recipe for making crispy fried spinach that needs just some basic ingredients. Besides, you will be able to cook it in a couple of minutes.

Ingredients you need to make crispy fried spinach


½ cup – Corn flour

2 tbsp – Oil and for frying

¾ tbsp – Garlic, chopped

1 – Green chilli, chopped

1 – Red chilli, chopped

4 tbsp – Soya sauce

1 tbsp – Vinegar

4 tbsp – Sesame seeds

Salt to taste

Method to make some crispy fried spinach

*Chop the spinach finely and keep it in a mixing bowl.

* Now add corn flour to it and mix well.

* In a deep pan, heat oil and deep fry the spinach. Take it out in a plate.

* Now add 2 tbsp of oil in the pan and add chopped garlic, and chopped green and red chillies. Cook them for some time.

* Add soya sauce and vinegar and mix.

* Now add the fried spinach and mix them all together.

* Add sesame seeds and salt to taste and mix.

*Serve and Enjoy!


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