Try Making This Healthy Banana Smoothie For Your Breakfast And Also For Good Skin

PUBLISHED ON January 22, 2021 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 69

BananFollowing a decent skincare routine isn't just about utilizing the correct items at a specific time however it is likewise about the way of life transforms you make. Consider 2020 and keeping in mind that we have been stuck at our homes, the year has given us plentiful opportunity to zero in on our skin. What's more, for boosting your general skin wellbeing, it isn't exactly what you apply to it that is significant; what you eat similarly assumes a part. So, here we have shared an easy recipe of banana smoothie which can be your perfect breakfast and can also be good for your skin too!

Here's how you can make banana smoothie. 

Ingredients you need to make banana smoothie: 

1 medium-large banana (chopped)

Bit of honey or maple syrup (as per your choice)

1 tsp of flaxseeds

1/2 cup almond milk or yoghurt

1 tbsp almond butter or peanut butter

Method to make banana smoothie: 

*Take all the ingredients in a blender and blend it to a smooth paste. And if you want your smoothie to be a cold smoothie, then freeze your bananas overnight.



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