Try Making This Super Delicious Cashew And Pistachio Roll

PUBLISHED ON November 15, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 119

Kaju or cashew nut is a rich ingredient used in almost all of the savoury dishes all around the world. With the arroving festive season, we have brought the most popular cashew dessert for you, the cashew and pistachio roll. You can have this for your dinner party and serve your guests these delicious, sweet little rolls, packed with the goodness of dry fruits and garnished with silver leaf.

Here's how you can make this.

Ingredients for cashew and pistachio roll 

700 gms cashew nuts

300 gms pista

800 gms sugar substitute

5 gms cardamom powder

to garnish silver leaf

How to make cashew and pistachio roll 

*Soak cashew overnight.

*Blanch pista and remove its skin.

*Paste both of it separately in the mixer and add 650 grams of sugar in cashew nuts and 150 grams in pista mixture.

*Cook both the mixture it the sugar is dissolved in it and then add cardamom powder.

*Take it out from the kadhai, make a circle shaped sheet of cashew paste and add pistachio in the centre and roll it.

*Garnish it with silver leaf and serve.



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