Try This Easy DIY Turmeric Face Mask For Sensitive And Acne Prone Skin

PUBLISHED ON January 14, 2021 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 96

People with sensitive skin often tend to have adverse reactions or experience skin inflammation on using chemical-based products. Some may even experience redness, swelling, roughness, and flaking, which may further cause itching and prickling. In such cases, it is always good to rely on natural products and seek an expert opinion. If you have been looking for such calming face masks, here we have shared an easy turmeric face mask which is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Turmeric face mask 

Ingredients to make turmeric face mask 

1½ tsp – Turmeric

1 tsp – Aloe vera gel

Few drops of rose water


Mix all the ingredients together.

How to apply turmeric face mask? 

Dab it onto your skin. Let it sit for 10 minutes. The mixture will be runny and not dry. You can also apply the mixture over any face oil or apply a few drops of oil to the mixture to avoid staining.

How does the turmeric face mask help?

While aloe vera gel helps calm redness and irritation, rose water and turmeric are anti-inflammatory. The face mask helps soothe damaged skin with regular use.


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