Try This Easy HOME MADE Rose Syrup Rasgulla With Just Simple Ingredients

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If it's your cheat day and you have sweet tooth then nothing can be better than homemade sweet dishes, which can satiate your craving and is soul satisfying. Here we have shared an easy and fuss-free recipe of rose syrup rasgulla, which is super spongy and tasty.

To make this tasty rasgulla all you need just simple ingredients.


1 liter – Fresh cow’s milk

2 tbsp – Lime juice

2 cups – Sugar

Rose syrup

How to make

*Start with, simmer your milk.

*Cool it and add diluted lime juice to it.

*Slowly stir the milk and strain it using a muslin cloth. Rinse it with fresh water to remove acidity and let it cool for sometime.

*Now squeeze out the extra water and make sure that it is not super dry.

*Boil half a jug of water with sugar for sugar syrup.

*Now add rose syrup to it for a taste.

*Start kneading the chenna and roll it into balls.

*Put it in boiling sugar syrup.

*Cover your pan or a cooker and cook it on a high flame for three to five minutes.

*Now transfer it into the cold sugar syrup.

*Let the sugar syrup get soaked into the rasgulla and keep it in the refrigerator for three to four hours and then serve chilled.


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