Try This Egg Roti For Breakfast When You Are In Hustle

PUBLISHED ON February 15, 2021 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 73

With the end of the week just passed by, Mondays typically start on a lethargic note. Thus, early morning breakfast may assume a lower priority. However, since you ought to never avoid a dinner, we have the ideal breakfast for you to start the week with. The formula isn't just solid but at the same time is very simple to make and as you got it — yum! Salivating, as of now? Here's a recipe of egg roti that is the ideal method to launch the week.

Ingredients you need to make egg roti 

1 – Homemade Plain Chapati (Roti)

1 – Egg


Finely chopped Onion (Green onion)

Finely chopped chilli

Chopped tomatoes

Finely chopped coriander leaves

Tomato Ketchup (Optional)

Cheese shredded (Optional)

Method to make egg roti 

*Take a homemade roti or chapati.

*Now, make a small cut on the side top and create a pocket.

*On the other side make omelette mixture.

*Break open an egg and add salt.

*Heat the pan.

*Stir the egg nicely, add chopped onion, chilli, tomatoes, coriander and mix them well.

*Spread some oil on the pan.

*Now place the roti on the pan. Let it heat a bit from one side.

*Take egg mix in a pouring jar. Now lift the top of roti where you made a pocket cut earlier. *Slowly start pouring egg mix in it and spread some oil on the top.

*Cook from both sides.



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