Try This Immune Boosting Chutney, Which Is Also Good For Constipation And Blood Sugar

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Immune Boosting Chutney: The day -to -day health issues have made everyone health conscious and drawn their attention to work towards building their immunity in many ways. From seasonal to traditional recipes are being experimented along with exercising regularly, people have opted to incorporate simple, easy things that are good for their mind, body and soul. But if you are among those who are looking for some healthy and immunity-boosting foods and recipes that please your tongue, here is a simple chutney that you would definitely want to try.


1 – Raw mango

3 pods – Garlic

2 inch – Ginger

1/2 – Small onion

1 – Small tomato

1 tbsp – Anardana (pomegranate seeds)

10-12 – Fresh curry leaves

4-5 – Fresh ajwain leaves

5-6 – Fresh sweet basil leaves

1 cup – Fresh mint leaves

1 cup – Fresh coriander leaves

2-3 – Green chillies

Salt (rock salt) – as per taste

Tamarind/jaggery (optional)


*Crush the ingredients all together in mortar and pestle until mixed well and becomes a paste.

How to consume?

Enjoy a small serving (1-2 tbsp) with your meals.

Some of the elements contained ingredients used

*Raw mango, tomato and pomegranate seeds are rich in vitamin C.

*Ginger, garlic, onion and tomato are rich in antioxidants and along contain essential vitamins and minerals.

*Fresh leaves helps better digestion.

*Sweet basil leaves helps relieve nausea.

Who can consume it?

*Good for diabetics in order to maintain blood sugar level.

*Great for acidity relief (remove chillies from a recipe).

*Relieves constipation, as it contains high fiber.

*Good for anaemics as vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron.

*Also good for PCOD, thyroid and other hormonal imbalances as well.

However, be careful

*If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

*If you are pregnant (mind the portion).


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