Try This Korean Beauty Tips Every Morning To Have A Firm And Glowing Skin

PUBLISHED ON August 25, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 216

If you are a Korean you are a Korean beauty lover then you must know that rice water is one of the primary ingredients in the korean beauty products. Koreans always say that the simplest solutions are the ones that are truly effective, it doesn’t come as a surprise that rice water is touted as one of the most effective products for Korean beauty.

Rice water is a water in which rice has either been soaked or boiled. And it has been proven to be extremely beneficial for the skin. Here we have shared hoe to make rice ice cubes and also how to apply it on the face every morning to reap its benefits.

How to prepare this korean beauty product:

All you need is a half a cup of rice in a bowl and soak it in a filtered water. After few hours, drain the rice and transfer the water to an ice cube tray and freeze it. Take out one ice cube and gently massage it on your face every morning.

This korean beauty regime not only instantly de-puff your face but is also a natural skin brighteners. You can also skip washing your face after application, allowing the water to air dry. Which makes the skin soft and supple.


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