Try This Tomato and Beetroot Immunity Boosting Soup; RECIPE Inside

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This pandemic phase has made everyone focus on their immunity by including the essential nutrients and vitamins in their diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One must know that immunity can not be build up overnight, it is a slow process which requires a healthy food and better sleep along with making numerous other lifestyle changes. To help you go with the immunity-boosting process, we have shared and easy and delicious recipe of tomato and beetroot juice.

Here's how you can make the tomato and beetroot soup

Things you need to make tomato and beetroot soup:

1½ – Beetroot (peeled, boiled and chopped)

3 – Boiled tomatoes (chopped)

1 – Boiled potato (peeled and chopped)

2 tbsp – Olive oil

½ tsp – Oregano

2 tbsp – Chopped onions

Salt and pepper to taste

To serve: 2 tbsp – Fried or toasted bread croutons

Method to make tomato and beetroot soup:

*In a blender add, beetroots, potato and tomato and process until you get a puree.

*Then in a pan, heat olive oil and add the onions, oregano, and sauté them for at least a minute.

*Add the vegetable puree to it along with one cup of water, salt and pepper and cook them for 3 minutes.

*Serve it hot with bread slices.


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