Turn Your Boring Cornflakes Into This Lip Smacking Evening Snack

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Most of us struggle on how to finish the leftovers. We keep thinking about the ways in which we can reuse them. But here discussed few simple tweaks can give your leftover food a delicious makeover. So, if you have some leftover cornflakes today, you can turn it into a nutritious snack that is perfect to satiate your evening hunger pangs. Here's how you can turn your cornflakes into yummy evening snack.

Ingredients you need to use cornflakes:

2 spoons – Water

2 spoons – Jaggery

1 spoon – Tamarind pulp

1 clove – Garlic

Salt or black salt

½ tsp – Red chilli powder

For bhel

1 cup – Cornflakes bhel or whatever is left

2 tsp – Oil

½ tsp – Red chilli powder

½ cup – Peanuts


Boiled aloo, chopped

Raw mangoes, chopped

Tomatoes, chopped

Onion, chopped

Green chillies, chopped

Coriander leaves’ stems for flavour

fresh coriander leaves and mint leaves

Method to resue leftover cornflakes:

For chutney

*In a pan heat up 2 spoons each of water and jaggery.

*Once the jaggery melts; add 1tbsp of tarmind pulp.

*Cook till it gets thick in consistency.

*Add 1 clove garlic, some salt, red chilli powder.

*Let the chutney cook and reduces slightly, remove the garlic clove.

*Cool it down.


*In a pan, add two teaspoons of oil and half teaspoon red chilli powder.

*Roast the peanuts in oil and add some salt and cook until the raw smell goes away.

*Now in the leftover oil; fry the cornflakes so that they get bit crispy and also get flavoured with salt and red chilli powder.

*Then mix masala peanuts, add boiled aloo, raw mangoes, chopped tomatoes and onions to it. Further add green chillies, stems of coriander leaves for flavour along with fresh coriander and mint leaves.

*Add two-three spoons of chutney and mix them all together.

*Your cornflakes bhel is ready to hunt.


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