Vegans Must Include These Things To Your Diet For Good Protein Intake

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Exercise might help in building the strength and flexibility, but it is one's diet and nutrition intake that helps in keeping them healthy and energetic. While there are various types of diets that help in achieving the desired goal, there are also people who tend to believe that there is not many adequate source of protein for vegans. Here we discussed the list of some food that are good in protein for vegans.

Foods rich in protein are:


Pistachios are the excellent source of protein. You can have them in your favourite recipe. Per cup it contains 25 gms of protein.

Almond butter

Almond butter contains more fibre, calcium, potassium, and iron than peanut butter. All you need to do is add a scoop of almond butter to your oatmeal, smoothie. It contains seven grams of protein per two-tablespoon of serving.


Another food that is a great source of protein is spirulina, it is the worthy addition to your morning smoothie or juice. It contains a good hefty 57g per 100g.

Chia seeds

Lastly, chia seeds pack a surprising amount of protein, and is also high in fibre. Chia seeds contains five grams of protein per two teaspoons of serving.


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