Wanna Have Good Sleep? Try This Common Kitchen Ingredient It Will Help You With A Sound Sleep

PUBLISHED ON February 5, 2021 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 63

Sometimes, people find it very difficult to sleep at night because of aches and pains causing in the body. Doctors says the best home remedy for a good sleep is applying ghee on the soles of the feet.

Ghee is known to have a lot of health benefits. When it comes to sleep, daily application of ghee allows and improves the vata to settle and reduce gas and bloating.

Which in turn reduces acidity and improves the quality of your sleep. It is a known fact that sleep and excretion, all of digestion, in fact, are linked. Poor digestion and assimilation are also linked with low vitamin D and B12 levels as well. Improved sleep also leads to improved fat loss, moods and skin tone.

Ghee can help those who have the following problems:

*Snoring problems

*Disturbed sleep

*Indigestion/ farting/ burping

*IBS and chronic constipation who need fibre or pills daily

*People on daily antacids

How to apply ghee for good sleep? 

*Take a drop of ghee on your palm and with the help of fingers spread it on your feet.

*With the sole of your palm rub the sole of your foot till it feels warm.

*Repeat the same on the other foot.

*Go for a bed and have a good sleep.


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