Want To Have A Flawless Glowing Skin, Try This Simple Homemade Saunf(Fennel Seed) Face Pack

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Homemade Saunf: As we have already discussed earlier that nothing is better than the homemade face packs as they provide the skin with much-needed TLC and most importantly they are chemical-free. We are here again with yet another simple face mask that can be whipped up in seconds at home. We have already discussed the benefits of fennel seeds or saunf, which is the most common kitchen ingredient. This ingredient is not only good for digestive aid, but it also has some beauty benefits. Wonder how? Give a read below.

All you need is: 

Finely ground fennel seeds

1 tsp – Honey

1 tsp – Dahi

Step by Step Guide:

*Take a small amount of fennel seeds and grind until it turns into a coarse powder. Add a teaspoon of honey and yogurt to it and mix it well.

*Later, Apply the mixture on your face and neck using your hand or a brush.

*Let it settle for about 10 minutes and scrub. After scrubbing wash your face with normal water and pat dry your skin.

Fennel seeds or saunf are rich in copper, magnesium and zinc. Regular usage of saunf face pack leaves your skin feeling super soft as the coarse powder naturally scrubs your skin. Yogurt as you know packs the de-tans and revitalises your skin, while honey makes it glow and also treats acne.



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