Want To Have A Soft, Shiny And Longer Hair, Try This DIY Shampoo

PUBLISHED ON December 15, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 88

Lot of people suffers with hairfall, which is very common. Where some experiences slow hair growth despite taking proper care, some suffer with hairfall and damaged hair issue. If you too have the slow hair growth issue, we are here to help you with an effective home remedy. Check this easy DIY shampoo for longer, thicker and shinier hair.

How to make your own DIY shampoo

Ingredients you need to make DIY Shampoo

¼ cup – Reetha powder or soapnut powder

¼ cup – Shikakai powder

¼ cup – Fenugreek powder

Steps to make DIY Shampoo 

In a glass jar, mix all the ingredients (powdered). Then before washing your hair, take 2-3 tbsp of the shampoo and add warm water or warm green tea to it. Apply it like a hair pack for 2-3 minutes and then wash.


Unlike all the shampoos, this mixture won't form lathet but will certainly leave your hair feeling soft and shiny due to the presence of shikakai powder, which is also known to delay greying, and is gentle on the scalp unlike paraben and sulphate-based shampoos.


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