Want To Have Healthier Skin? Must Add This Lotus Oil To Your Routine; Know Benefits

PUBLISHED ON January 17, 2021 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 84

Everyone has different skincare routine, it is mostly formulated keeping some factors in mind including the type of the skin, dry, oil or combination. But there are few natural ingredients that work wonder on all kinds of skin. Among them is the lotus oil, which you must add to your skincare routine.

Skincare benefits of lotus oil

* Lotus flower is a storehouse of many kinds of nutrients like vitamins B and C, and minerals like copper and iron which helps the skin to heal externally.

* In winters our skin starts to lose its natural goodness, owing to drop in humidity. The lotus oil can remove the dead skin cells and make your face look lively again.

* The decrease in humidity can dehydrate the skin as well. It is imperative to keep the skin hydrated all the times. The lotus oil can condition the skin and restore the moisture.

Application of lotus oil: 

You can naturally use it on your face like any other essential oil, or you can also make a face pack out of it. All you need to do is just add a little bit of milk and honey to the oil and apply it on your face. Do it twice a week for healthier, and acne free skin.


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