What Is The Best Time To Have Fruits Or Fruit Juices

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Fruits and fruit juices are considered very healthy and are advised to have them as part of daily routine. But one needs to take care of how and when to consume them for optimum nutritional benefit. Fruit juices are high in sugar content whuch leads to increased blood sugar levels and insulin spike reaulting in high fat percentage in the body.

Fruit juices are also categorised under the spectrum of sugary sodas since they are high in sugar.

Fruit juices are usually consumed raw and most likely in the summers when the body needs more cooling foods like fruits, smoothies and salads.

According to dieticians and nutritionist's fruit juices are consumed post a vigorous workout session to replenish the body with the necessary nutrients and natural sugars.

What about fruits?

*Fruits are considered to be very healthy and are widely consumed when one is not feeling well, attributing to the presence of numerous phytochemicals and other bioactive compounds.

*Fruits are advised to be consumed whole rather than in juice form. Whole fruit is high in fibre and does not lead to high blood sugar levels or insulin spike.

*The best time to consume any fruits is in the afternoon.

*One must avoid consuming fruit over a meal since it will result in increase in blood sugar levels.


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