Winter Hair Care Tips That Must Follow For A Lustrous Hair

PUBLISHED ON December 12, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 86

Using hair colour as a fun also needs to take adequate care of the manes depending on the season and the its requirement. After all, you don’t want that colour to fade away right after your first wash itself. So, that is why we are here today with some simple winter hair care tips that you must follow to keep your hair lustrous and shining.

Winter hair care tips for lustrous hair. 

Don’t overdo the colour

Applying coat after coat to make the colour stay longer won't help at all. Over using colour leads to brittle strands and breakage of hair.

You need regular trims

If you want a good hair growth, then you need regular trimming, at least, once in two months. Trimming helps cut split ends before they climb up the hair shaft which ruins the length of the hair.

Avoid using hot water on hair

A hot water hair wash doesn't works wonder of your hair. It is believed that to strip your hair of its natural oils which fades colour tremendously.


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