You Must Eat These Foods In The Morning To Boost Your Metabolism

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There is lot of confusion about what you should eat when you wake up early in the morning. Many people prefer having soaked almond early in the morning, while the other opt for a cup of coffee or tea to kick start a day. But what is best to have in the morning us still a big question for many, so here we have shared the foods that you must eat in morning to keep your health on check. Let us tell you, these foods are also good for boosting metabolism.

According to nutritionist, Namami Agarwal, staying hungry for a long time after you wake up is not a good thing. She says that our body is a machine and its all parts need time to wake up and kick-start their processes after long hours of rest. And that is why, staying hungry for long after waking up is not advisable.

Here we have shared a list of foods you should eat when you wake up.

Foods in the morning 

Soaked almonds
The very first and healthy thing, you need to have is soaked almonds, it can surely give you a dose of healthy and essential vitamins and minerals. Their nutritional value increases when the almonds are soaked for overnight.

Another best thing to kick start your day are dates, they are a great source of instant energy. They also contain a bunch of soluble fibres that draws water into the digestive track, making it essential for a healthy digestive system. Dates also helps in curing constipation or indigestion.

Chia seeds
Chia seeds are tiny black seeds that are loaded with lots of benefits is a good source of complete protein as they contain nine essential amino acids. Chia seeds are packed with fatty acids, magnesium, iron and vitamin B. You can soak them before a night having them.

Papayas are good to eat on an empty stomach. It has a cleansing properties and helps in cleaning stomach. It is very good for smooth and regular bowel movement. If you will have papaya on an empty stomach, it can lower the bad cholesterol which causes heart disease.


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