You Must Try These Unique Ways Of Eating Season's Best Pears

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There are many ways of using fruits that can benefit our health. One of the best ways is to have them while they are in season. Traditional wisdom says that seasonal fruits are loaded with loads of nutrients and are considered healthy. The current season is of Pear, the fibrous fruit is available late in the summer. There are a lot of ways in which you can use the season's best pears.

Pears are a good source of glucose and water as they contain 84 percent of water. It also contains a moderate level of dietary fiber, which is responsible for keeping hunger pangs at bay.

Here we have shared four unique ways of using season's best pears in your diet.

1. Pear Salads

You can have pears as a healthy salad to bring some fruity freshness to the taste. You can chop ripe pears with a simple lemon and olive dressing along with salad leaves like lettuce and etc.

2. Ice-Cream

Enjoy the goodness of pears in the form of delicious desserts like fruit ice cream or even as a fresh fruit ice-cream. All you need to do is blend pear in the form of puree and add some fresh whipped cream and then freeze it to make delicious pear ice-cream.

3. Topping for Porridge

All you need to do is add a chopped pear as topping for your fruit yogurt. You can also caramelize the pears in butter and brown sugar and then add oats porridge.

4. Cocktails And Mocktails

Last what we are gonna discuss it, use it as juice. Add pear juice to your refreshing summer cocktails and mocktails and the goodness of pear in your drink.


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