You Must Try This Mouth Watering Dish As Your Evening Snack Meal; Recipe INSIDE

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On a chilly day, you only needs two things; a comfy blanket and a good food and preferably something savoury. Most of the people right now are braving the chills and whats the better option to enjoy it with something tasty, moreover mouth watering? Here is an interesting recipe that you can try as an evening snack: loaded baked potatoes.

Here's how you can make this mouth watering evening snack. 

Things you will need to make this mouth watering evening snack. 

– 3 potatoes or more (depending on the number of people you are serving)

– Some olive oil

– Salt and pepper to taste

– A cheese of your choice

– Sour cream

– Finely chopped scallions

– Butter

– Milk

– Meat of your choice (optional)

Method to make this mouth watering evening snack loaded with potatoes

* Take three unpeeled potatoes and poke some holes with a fork. Add a generous amount of olive oil and a pinch of salt.

* Then bake them in an oven for one hour at 180°C.

* Take them out and dissect them right in the middle. Scoop out the inside using a spoon and add it to a bowl.

* Add the cheese (cheddar, in this case), the chopped scallions, sour cream, butter, meat (if you wish to), some milk, salt and pepper.

* Mix them well so that it turns into a consistent paste.

* Using a spoon, stuff this paste inside the potatoes, and add more grated cheese on top.

* Bake it once again at 180°C for 25 minutes.

* Your dish is now ready to be served!


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